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Welcome to Quiche Lorraine's Pinhole Photography Blog. These pinhole photographs are a visual diary of places I visit, the commonplace sites of my everyday life, and any other subjects that seem good for pinholing. Hope you enjoy!

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Spammers are Party Poopers
I had to shut down the Comments again because the blog was hit yet again by gambling spam. The spammers fill the Comments with a list of links to gambling sites. Somehow they get around the "no html" configuration. Sorry. These guys will either get caught or move on to a more dignified and productive occupation, hopefully.
02.18.05 @ 09:21 AM PDT [link]

Shadow of No Cat

12.16.05 @ 08:55 AM PDT [link]

Gargoyle with Shards
gargoyleshards (36k image)
This image was made on April 24, 2005 for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day with my Cherry UltraWide Pinhole Camera. The camera has undergone a variety of name changes and I have finally found and fixed the last light leak. It was made into a pinhole camera by removing the lens and bellows of a vintage Agfa Billy Clack folding camera.
05.02.05 @ 02:03 PM PDT [link]

Courtyard and Columns
courtyardcolumns (33k image)
another image for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day
05.02.05 @ 01:57 PM PDT [link]

Tower Kiva
towerkiva (33k image)
04.19.05 @ 05:39 PM PDT [link]

Spring Snow on the Patio
taossnow1 (38k image)
An unexpected snow during the night...near Taos. The dome shaped object is an outdoor fireplace. Nice fluffy snow!
04.14.05 @ 08:38 PM PDT [link]

New Mexico Grotto
losojosgrotto (39k image)
04.14.05 @ 08:34 PM PDT [link]

I-80 Shrine
Bvm1 (37k image)
One of my favorite shrines to the BVM. For awhile the statue was missing...I couldn't believe someone had stolen it (very bad karma) and sure enough when I stopped by on Easter Sunday there she was. Repainted and spruced up.

Bvm3 (37k image)
03.27.05 @ 10:25 PM PDT [link]


housetent (33k image)

termites...what can you do?
03.21.05 @ 01:23 AM PDT [link]

The Ides of March
palacefinearts1 (35k image)

The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Built originally in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition it is a major tourist attraction adjacent to the Presidio. While it was meant to be only a temporary building for the duration of the Exposition it has survived the rigors of time, including the Loma Prieta earthquake On October 17, 1989 which damaged or destroyed much younger buildings and a freeway. This is a nice subject for wide angle pinhole and despite the fact that I was attacked by a swan during my shoot, I would like to do more at this site with different cameras.
More Palace Pix
03.20.05 @ 09:19 PM PDT [link]

From My Garden
ribbit (37k image)
Not quite Spring yet but it is time to get out into the garden. This is of my birdbath. I used a Kodak Brownie Flash Hawkeye converted to pinhole. Quite heavy vignetting as it is difficult to place the pinhole so as to avoid it.

More from the garden here....
02.23.05 @ 10:25 PM PDT [link]

Church and Skateboarders
churchskate (32k image)
The steps of this church are popular with skateboarders after school. I was a kind of target with my tripod and camera but escaped unscathed after some close calls.
02.07.05 @ 04:51 PM PDT [link]

Irish Parking
oparking (35k image)
Shot with a converted Kodak 1 Autographic Jr with the bellows left on. Approximately f320. Has a slight light leak I need to fix.
02.02.05 @ 01:45 PM PDT [link]

Winter Light
jayapartment (35k image)
I love the little corkscrew shrubs. From my ultra wide angle pinhole camera.

Picture of The Agfa Billy Clack Pinhole Camera

01.25.05 @ 12:13 PM PDT [link]

Under Wraps
oaklandwrap (37k image)
I love wrapped statues. Can't figure out what this one is so I will have to wait until it is unveiled to see.
This was snapped with an Agfa box Clack (as opposed to the folding Billy Clack) converted to pinhole. The box Clacks also make good substitutes for the fabled Diana when the lens is left in place. The camera is f/320 and I used TMax 400 but actually, TMax 100 would have been a better choice as this is a bit overexposed. Usually I try to place the pinhole so that I avoid vignetting, but I like the small amount on this camera. Here is another view...

oaklandwrap2 (37k image)

Picture of The Agfa Box Clack Pinhole Camera

01.23.05 @ 04:27 PM PDT [link]

Palms and Apolymon
bestapolymon (48k image)
Bruce Beasley defied the thought that it could not be done and produced the first cast lucite sculpture "Apolymon" in the late 1960s. I saw it when it was new and it was as clear as water. Today air pollution has given it a patina so it is not so clear but still impressive in the way light reflects and is transmitted.

This pinhole photo was shot with an Agfa Click II camera converted to pinhole by Manuel Galan Molina of Spain. I received the camera as part of the 2004 Pinhole Camera Swap. A very nice camera!
12.15.04 @ 08:39 PM PDT [link]

Drying Sweaters
sweaters (40k image)
Doesn't get more prosaic than this...sweaters drying in a bathroom. About a 5 min exposure on the Billy Clack Pinhole (113 degree angle of view)
12.11.04 @ 10:17 PM PDT [link]

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