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05/11/2004: "another lion"

towerlion (143k image)

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The last one (stone lion) was my favorite of the bunch. Nice work all around!

3D Photography said @ 06/22/2004 02:54 PM PDT

This my favorite of your pinhole shots. I like the very nice tonality, and the composition and subject are a good fit with the technique.

Mike said @ 05/21/2004 04:44 AM PDT

Dear Quiche Lorraine: I love how you have posted your pinhole images. I've been looking for a way to include my pinhole images on my site (marydanger.com) which is under construction. Do you have an official web site that I can occasionally check out? Women in photography rock! mary

Mary Danger said @ 05/20/2004 05:48 AM PDT

I used a very slow speed film (Agfa APX25 and unfortunately discontinued) for this shot. The exposure was 5 minutes and while the shutter was open I had the time to talk to people who approached me to find out what I was doing. It is nice to be able to engage total strangers in discussions about pinhole photography while you are doing it.

quiche lorraine said @ 05/12/2004 07:02 PM PDT

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