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quirky and fun stuff. some of the tones you get are out of this world. the observatory is pretty darn fab. also totally dig the shrine. you've gotten me quite interested in this pinhole stuff. so much so, i might actually do something about it one of these days ;-) (although i think it might require quite a bit more calculation then i can muster...) again - nice work.

karen said @ 08/28/2004 08:58 AM PDT

Back for more. I also really like "Tractor" There's no comment button on it. Your pictures really have a feeling of what I think is real photography.

Zee said @ 08/01/2004 07:22 PM PDT

GREAT stuff! Will be back for more.

Zee said @ 08/01/2004 03:24 PM PDT

Very, very impressive. I'm really blown away by this and the rest of your work here.

mr bill said @ 08/01/2004 09:11 AM PDT

More Images


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