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11/21/2004: "Hug Sculpture"

hugsculpture (46k image)
This is another image made with a camera from the 2004 Pinhole Camera Swap. Peter Roehrig of Germany converted a Bilora Bella 66 to pinhole. It uses 120 film and Peter created a shutter which made it possible to use a cable release for the exposure. Some simple pinhole cameras just have a flap for a shutter but often in bright light it is hard to open and close it quickly enough. This setup avoids that problem. A very cool camera conversion.

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beautiful. love the dramatism. i like how the trees in the background act like some sort of sunburst, as if playing like music - a symphony orchestra.

Emily said @ 12/23/2004 09:18 PM PDT

hi taco!
yeah you're right. just thought the shutter was neat. and i can be a little slow sometimes and the sun in my part of California can be awfully bright. but most of my pinhole cameras actually do have flaps.

quiche said @ 12/06/2004 12:16 PM PDT

What is the problem with "flaps" in bright sun? You just have to use a 50 or 100 asa film and have a quick hand, it works perfectly.

taco said @ 12/04/2004 03:39 PM PDT

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