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12/03/2004: "Dixon Fruit Market"

localcorn (34k image)

produce (41k image)

I converted a folding camera, the Agfa Billy Clack, to pinhole by removing the bellows and replacing them with a cherrywood face plate with a pinhole and another wedge shaped piece of wood for a shutter. I have cropped off the vignetted parts of these photos and have made some alterations to the camera to try to get rid of the vignetting, which can be charming but is not what I am after. So, I am on version 3 of the camera and will post more shots.

The Billy Clack has an Art Deco top and baseplate of black enamel accented with chrome stripes so it is a very pretty camera especially with the addition of the cherrwood. Aside from the Zero Image teak cameras I have it is one of my most beautiful pinhole cameras.

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Greetings from Davis!

Love the pictures of the Dixon fruit market! It's fun, refreshing, and inspiring for me to see the photographic vision of someone right next door to me; it keeps me from thinking that I've exhausted the photo ops of our little corner of the universe! Thanks for the great pics.

Dan said @ 12/05/2004 11:29 PM PDT

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