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12/15/2004: "Palms and Apolymon"

bestapolymon (48k image)
Bruce Beasley defied the thought that it could not be done and produced the first cast lucite sculpture "Apolymon" in the late 1960s. I saw it when it was new and it was as clear as water. Today air pollution has given it a patina so it is not so clear but still impressive in the way light reflects and is transmitted.

This pinhole photo was shot with an Agfa Click II camera converted to pinhole by Manuel Galan Molina of Spain. I received the camera as part of the 2004 Pinhole Camera Swap. A very nice camera!

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Nightmarish, I'll grant you that.

James O'Gara said @ 02/17/2005 03:44 PM PDT

Thanks Claudia for let me know about these places.
I'm getting into Mondo Lomo too!
Good luck and congrats.

Irene said @ 01/14/2005 08:24 PM PDT

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