Winter Light
jayapartment (35k image)
I love the little corkscrew shrubs. From my ultra wide angle pinhole camera.

Picture of The Agfa Billy Clack Pinhole Camera

01.25.05 @ 12:13 PM PDT [link]

Under Wraps
oaklandwrap (37k image)
I love wrapped statues. Can't figure out what this one is so I will have to wait until it is unveiled to see.
This was snapped with an Agfa box Clack (as opposed to the folding Billy Clack) converted to pinhole. The box Clacks also make good substitutes for the fabled Diana when the lens is left in place. The camera is f/320 and I used TMax 400 but actually, TMax 100 would have been a better choice as this is a bit overexposed. Usually I try to place the pinhole so that I avoid vignetting, but I like the small amount on this camera. Here is another view...

oaklandwrap2 (37k image)

Picture of The Agfa Box Clack Pinhole Camera

01.23.05 @ 04:27 PM PDT [link]

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