From My Garden
ribbit (37k image)
Not quite Spring yet but it is time to get out into the garden. This is of my birdbath. I used a Kodak Brownie Flash Hawkeye converted to pinhole. Quite heavy vignetting as it is difficult to place the pinhole so as to avoid it.

More from the garden here....
02.23.05 @ 10:25 PM PDT [link]

Spammers are Party Poopers
I had to shut down the Comments again because the blog was hit yet again by gambling spam. The spammers fill the Comments with a list of links to gambling sites. Somehow they get around the "no html" configuration. Sorry. These guys will either get caught or move on to a more dignified and productive occupation, hopefully.
02.18.05 @ 09:21 AM PDT [link]

Church and Skateboarders
churchskate (32k image)
The steps of this church are popular with skateboarders after school. I was a kind of target with my tripod and camera but escaped unscathed after some close calls.
02.07.05 @ 04:51 PM PDT [link]

Irish Parking
oparking (35k image)
Shot with a converted Kodak 1 Autographic Jr with the bellows left on. Approximately f320. Has a slight light leak I need to fix.
02.02.05 @ 01:45 PM PDT [link]

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