I-80 Shrine
Bvm1 (37k image)
One of my favorite shrines to the BVM. For awhile the statue was missing...I couldn't believe someone had stolen it (very bad karma) and sure enough when I stopped by on Easter Sunday there she was. Repainted and spruced up.

Bvm3 (37k image)
03.27.05 @ 10:25 PM PDT [link]


housetent (33k image)

termites...what can you do?
03.21.05 @ 01:23 AM PDT [link]

The Ides of March
palacefinearts1 (35k image)

The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Built originally in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition it is a major tourist attraction adjacent to the Presidio. While it was meant to be only a temporary building for the duration of the Exposition it has survived the rigors of time, including the Loma Prieta earthquake On October 17, 1989 which damaged or destroyed much younger buildings and a freeway. This is a nice subject for wide angle pinhole and despite the fact that I was attacked by a swan during my shoot, I would like to do more at this site with different cameras.
More Palace Pix
03.20.05 @ 09:19 PM PDT [link]

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