yardshrine (31k image)

07.31.04 @ 03:55 PM PDT [link]

Cache Creek Bridge
ccbridge (28k image)
I am trying my hand at "handholding" rather than using a tripod. I like the "glow" effect on this one. This was shot with a different camera than my usual 6x9 professional pinhole camera. It is a "PinSpartus." I converted a 1950's snapshot camera to pinhole specifically for handheld shots which would constitute a "pinhole visual diary."

Lugging a tripod around limits the subject matter quite a bit, although I do enjoy the relative sharpness one gets with a tripod, I also like these blurry shots from the PinSpartus. There are a lot of surprises in pinholing, which is part of the attraction. Sometimes it's like Christmas, other times it's like a plate of brocolli if that is your most unfavorite vegetable.

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07.02.04 @ 03:48 PM PDT [

Moss Beach
tidepool (27k image)
low tide
07.02.04 @ 09:13 AM PDT [link]

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