East Nicolaus
eastnicolaus1 (34k image)

rice country, Sacramento Valley north

08.29.04 @ 09:52 PM PDT [link]

observatory1 (34k image)

This was made with my ultra wide angle flare prone camera. Great views of San Francisco Bay from this location.

08.23.04 @ 12:43 PM PDT [link]

Big Chef
chef (36k image)

actually, he isn't so big. the pinhole cam just makes him look that way.

08.20.04 @ 04:17 PM PDT [link]

quichechef (30k image)

excellent french food at this place specializing in salmon dishes
08.16.04 @ 04:52 PM PDT [link]

Sink and Hearts
hearts (31k image)
I pass this place a lot. Think it is an artist's studio. For me the sink attached to the outside with a polaroid camera above it is the main draw but the mural and other graphics are cool also.
08.11.04 @ 04:34 PM PDT [link]

Volcano, CA Church
churchflare (30k image)
I took the bellows off of an old Agfa folding camera and converted it to a very wide pinhole camera. Have been working to get rid of the "flare problem" that caused the halo effect on this photo, but I think for this particular photo it lends something to the subject. This is a gold rush era church, St Bernard's, in Amador county.
08.06.04 @ 06:17 PM PDT [link]

Hydrant and Peace Sign
hydrant (31k image)
08.03.04 @ 11:04 AM PDT [link]

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