horse50 (41k image)
Horse sculpture in front of the new Safeway. I like the halo effect from the flare on this one and some of the other shots. Camera made by Daisuke Nakabayashi.
More of the Horse
10.26.04 @ 06:23 PM PDT [link]

chiffon (37k image)
It's Halloween costume time.....
10.15.04 @ 03:34 PM PDT [link]

manikin (37k image)
K street mannequin
10.13.04 @ 09:56 PM PDT [link]

Lambs Gate
lambsgate (35k image)
As a participant in a pinhole camera swap, I have the opportunity to use other pinhole photographers' cameras over the next eight months. This is from the first roll shot in a beautifully designed camera by Daisuke Nakabayashi. He converted an old folding camera to a sleek pinhole camera incorporating the old shutter. The camera itself is a work of art.
More Photos of the Old City Cemetery
10.08.04 @ 02:51 PM PDT [link]

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