Palms and Apolymon
bestapolymon (48k image)
Bruce Beasley defied the thought that it could not be done and produced the first cast lucite sculpture "Apolymon" in the late 1960s. I saw it when it was new and it was as clear as water. Today air pollution has given it a patina so it is not so clear but still impressive in the way light reflects and is transmitted.

This pinhole photo was shot with an Agfa Click II camera converted to pinhole by Manuel Galan Molina of Spain. I received the camera as part of the 2004 Pinhole Camera Swap. A very nice camera!
12.15.04 @ 08:39 PM PDT [link]

Drying Sweaters
sweaters (40k image)
Doesn't get more prosaic than this...sweaters drying in a bathroom. About a 5 min exposure on the Billy Clack Pinhole (113 degree angle of view)
12.11.04 @ 10:17 PM PDT [link]

Backyard Buddha
backyardbuddha (42k image)
Yup this is my backyard and my Buddha. Now that I have the vignetting bug worked out of the Billy Clack Pinhole camera I will be taking it to Sri Lanka where I can photograph some really, really old Buddhas.
12.10.04 @ 10:44 PM PDT [link]

Jim Denny's Hamburger Joint
jimdennyshamburgers (42k image)

This image was made with the Billy Clack Pinhole version 3 which has the pinhole moved forward and thus eliminates the vignetting problem I had with version 2. Update...according to an email I received from Sean Lane it will be reopened and "back to its glory days when Jim Van Nort first opened." If you are interested in their plans for the place, contact Sean at or 916) 849-3918

12.10.04 @ 10:38 PM PDT [link]

Dixon Fruit Market
localcorn (34k image)

produce (41k image)

I converted a folding camera, the Agfa Billy Clack, to pinhole by removing the bellows and replacing them with a cherrywood face plate with a pinhole and another wedge shaped piece of wood for a shutter. I have cropped off the vignetted parts of these photos and have made some alterations to the camera to try to get rid of the vignetting, which can be charming but is not what I am after. So, I am on version 3 of the camera and will post more shots.

The Billy Clack has an Art Deco top and baseplate of black enamel accented with chrome stripes so it is a very pretty camera especially with the addition of the cherrwood. Aside from the Zero Image teak cameras I have it is one of my most beautiful pinhole cameras.
12.03.04 @ 08:51 AM PDT [link]

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